About Noah Homes

Noah Homes is a nonprofit organization serving all faiths, whose mission is to provide free, exceptional residential services and opportunities to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to maximize each individual's independence in a community environment that fosters dignity and respect, as well as personal and spiritual growth.

Noah Homes, Inc. is a public benefit nonprofit corporation under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It accepts SSA, SSI and the residential rate from the State of California as payment in full. These two sources cover approximately 65 percent of operating costs and the remaining funds needed are recognized through grants, donations, and special fundraising events. Noah Homes is licensed and regulated by the State of California, Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division and vendored by San Diego-Imperial Counties Developmental Services, Inc.


Noah's Ark Angel Foundation

In 2007, the Noah Homes board of directors and other supporters established the Noah's Ark Angel Foundation to raise awareness for Noah Homes and to strengthen its present and future financial stability. The Foundation supports the sustainability of Noah Homes’ high quality programs and services, as well as the preservation of the Noah Homes campus. The funds raised by Noah's Ark Angel Foundation are restricted. Investment earnings will be used solely for the benefit of Noah Homes, Inc.

Please visit the Foundation’s website to learn more about its mission, view a list of current and past donors, or to make a donation.


Noah Homes Campus

Today, there are 70 men and women whom we like to call "the folks," celebrating life every day on these beautiful grounds. about page

There are eight homes and each are named to reflect the strong Hispanic culture of San Diego, such as Casa de Flores and Casa de Felicidad. Six of the homes are located on the main campus and two more are in the surrounding neighborhood.

Noah Homes is an oasis of peace as well as a hub of activity, offering residents with continued opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment.


Daily Life

Residents leave their homes each weekday morning to work in the community with the support of a job coach, or to participate in variety of community activities.

Weekends are opportunities to enjoy San Diego and the outlying areas. There are plenty of choices every week for recreation, enrichment, and worship. Some of the favorites include ice skating, San Diego Padres baseball games, and bowling.

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There is daily ongoing support and instruction at Noah Homes in the areas of personal care, independent living skills, problem solving, and leisure activities. Each of the folks is encouraged to grow as an individual, as well as a respected member of the Noah Homes community.


Selection of Residents

The residents of Noah Homes each have their own room, or share a room with one roommate. Each member of a house is carefully selected based on their personal daily needs and abilities to contribute to the house and to their housemates. We all thrive when presented with challenges and the ability to help others.

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